Hilton II
Hilton II
Hilton II

Hilton II


The Hilton II is just what you need to relax in style and comfort at home. Take a seat, and leave the stress of the world behind you.

The Hilton II comes with 25 features, scroll down to view them all:


2D Massage
The 2D massage mechanism allows the massage chair to measure your back and is also capable of detecting the exact location of the sections of your spine.

Acupressure Points Decisive acupressure points (on the thighs, calves and ankles) are massaged.

Foot Scooter
Foot massage deluxe - even the speed of the foot rollers is adjustable.

9 Automatic Programs Specially designed full-body automatic programs offer a wide range of different massage techniques. Here you can optionally switch on the heat function.

In this automatic program particularly close massage heads massage the entire back to the buttocks. The S-shaped mechanism is modeled on the natural anatomy of the spine.

Adjustable Footrest
The footrest can be extended and thus adapts to any body size individually.

The massage speed is adjustable.

Skin and muscles are grasped and kneaded either between thumb and forefinger or with both hands. This massage technique is mainly used to release tension.

Kneading & Flapping
A massage combination of kneading and flapping.

A deep full body massage from the neck down to the buttocks.

The adjustability of the backrest and footrest contributes to the personal well-being position of the body.

Air Area
Airbag massage for 3 areas (whole body, arms and legs, lower body).

Air Pressure
Swelling airbags cause a pumping movement that creates natural muscle reflexes.

Air Intensity
The intensity of the airbag massage is adjustable.

Space Saving
For lying position, the massage chair moves forward and therefore requires a very small distance from the wall.

Additionally relax and enjoy with the music function.

The massage heads can massage selectively.

The rolling is a pleasant alternation between tension and relaxation of the muscles and therefore has a particularly calming and relaxing effect.

A massage area that is individually applicable to any size.

Go into a position developed for astronauts with "weightless feeling".

Shiatsu (Finger pressure) is a form of body therapy developed in Japan. The massage technique consists of gentle, rhythmic, deeper stretching and rotation. Shiatsu's goal is to stimulate individual points on the body and relax the muscles.

The distance between the two massage heads is adjustable (narrow, medium and wide).

Targeted stretch massage activates your body and has an invigorating effect on the entire organism.

A deeply penetrating and warming effect that relaxes perfectly. Due to the deep reaching effect, this function is particularly beneficial in muscle tension.

With the hand edge, the flat hand or the fist short, tapping movements are carried out. This promotes circulation and relaxes the tense musculature.