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Maxiwell III Limited Edition

Maxiwell III Limited Edition

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Packed with all the wonderful features of the Maxiwell III, the Maxiwell III Limited Edition takes relaxation up a level with the addition of Deep Carbon Heat.
This, combined with the Jade Stone Massage Heads culminate to provide you with a Shiatsu style massage, for deeper relaxation of the muscles.


Car adapter - The practical car adapter makes your massager a mobile masseur.

Carbon heat - The deep-acting carbon infrared heat expands the blood vessels, increases blood flow and reduces muscle tone. 

 Speed - The massage speed is adjustable.

Jade heat - Jade belongs to the natural heat stores and ladders. It provides deep warmth and has a relaxing effect.

Knead - Skin and muscles are grasped and kneaded either between thumb and forefinger or with both hands. This massage technique is mainly used to release tension.

Change of direction - The reserve function changes the massage direction of the massage heads.

Shiatsu - Shiatsu (finger pressure) is a form of body therapy developed in Japan. The massage technique consists of gentle, rhythmic, deeper stretching and rotation. Shiatsu's goal is to stimulate individual points on the body and relax the muscles.

Vibration - The vibration causes body regions to vibrate evenly, continuing down to the depths. Stimulating the circulation in the tissue.



43,1 x 31 x 16 cm


Gross 3,55 kg / Net 2,5 kg


AC 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, 1200mA
DC 12 V, 3000mA

Rated power

max. 40 Watt


15 minutes

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